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Sweden Protester Abandons Plan to Burn Torah, Bible

Man aborts plan to burn Torah & Bible at Israeli embassy in Stockholm.

In the Swedish capital on Saturday, Ahmad Alloush took a lighter out of his string bag and flung it to the ground while claiming he had never intended to burn Torah and the Bible.

Instead staged a protest against the desecration of sacred texts.

Then, he displayed a copy of the Quran and denounced instances in which copies of the Islamic holy book were destroyed in Sweden in the past.

It’s acceptable, he replied, if you wish to criticise Islam. He proceeded in English rather than Swedish, saying that burning the Quran is “an action” rather than “freedom of expression.”

The right to freedom of assembly, expression, and demonstration is protected by Swedish law, hence judges in the past have approved the burnings.

Alloush stated, “Freedom of speech has its bounds. This is a retaliation to those who burnt the Quran.

He frequently asserted in both Arabic and Swedish that he could never set fire to a sacred text and that his goal was just to oppose the Quran’s burning.

More Detail:

When asked about the reaction to the news that someone planned to burn the Torah and the Bible in Stockholm, he acquiesced, “I made people upset. He remarked, “They may rejoice now.

According to Alloush, who resides in the southwest Boras municipality and is originally from Syria but has spent eight years there, he was born and raised in Sweden.

Holy scriptures would be burned as part of a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm, according to Swedish police, who’s announcement drew criticism from Israel and Jewish organisations.

A guy burnt pages of the Holy Quran on fire outside Stockholm’s largest mosque a few weeks before to the contentious protest, sparking significant anger and international condemnation.

The Stockholm police emphasised that they only issued licences for people to hold public gatherings, not for the acts that took place during them, in accordance with Swedish law.

According to Carina Skagerlind, press representative for the Stockholm police, “the police does not issue permits to burn various religious texts—the police issues permits to hold a public gathering and express an opinion.”

Following the latest burning, Sweden’s standing abroad deteriorated as administrations in various Muslim nations denounced the country’s choice to permit the burning to occur.

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