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A gold basketball-sized coin commemorating Queen Elizabeth

Britishers made a 3.5-kg coin for Queen Elizabeth’s first anniversary.

The Queen Elizabeth coin has a weight of 6,426 diamonds and is estimated to be worth $23 million and worth more than 7 billion in Pakistani rupees.

The East India Company, which was active during British rule, minted basketball-shaped coins. Sanjay Mehta has obtained legal permission to use the company name even though it is no longer operational. However, the government has not designated this commemorative coin as legal tender. The currency, named The Crown, was created by Sanjiv Mehta and his expert colleagues.

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The commemorative gold coin is 9.6 inches in diameter, featuring twelve 24-karat gold coins and hundreds of diamonds. The gold coins on either side of the two pound central coin weigh one ounce and bear the Queen’s inscription.

The diamonds are set in the shape of the British flag and are painstakingly handcrafted day and night by designers and artisans from India, UK, Singapore, Germany, Sri Lanka. According to Sanjay Mehta, Queen Elizabeth II was the queen of the planet. He told reporters that this masterpiece has been built in his honor.

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