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Pakistani mobile industry produced 5 crore mobile phones

Pakistan’s Ministry of Tech: 50 million mobile manufactured milestone.

According to a tweet by the Ministry of Information and Technology, details show that 33 Pakistani mobile unit producers produced a total of 5 crore mobile phones.

Additionally, the tweet stated that 40,000 new jobs have been added to the country’s mobile phone manufacturing industry.

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The report did not specify which mobile phones were manufactured locally or how long or since the mobile units manufactured the 5 crore mobile phones.

Despite this, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) claimed in a tweet that Pakistan has already shipped 120,000 mobile handsets abroad this year.


Interestingly, in April this year it was said that virtually all operations would be shut down due to shortage of raw materials and import issues.

Almost all of the 30 mobile phone assembly units will close in April 2023 after paying workers half their April salaries in advance and telling them they will be recalled as soon as manufacturing resumes.

Around 20,000 jobs were at risk due to the closure of a mobile manufacturing company, but the government now claims that 50 million mobiles manufactured locally will also create employment opportunities.

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