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Israeli Strikes on Rafah raise Fear assault could begin

Israeli strikes at least 4 houses in Rafah, Which increased more fear.

On Wednesday, Israeli strikes at least four homes in Rafah, increasing the fear of a long-awaited ground assault among the over a million Palestinians taking sanctuary in the final area of safety on the southern border of the Gaza Strip.

Health officials reported that 11 members of a single household perished in one of the attacks.

Observing from below while a neighbor assisted a rescue worker in lowering a victim in a black body bag from a higher floor, Mussa Dhaheer claimed he had woken up to the bomb, kissed his scared daughter, and hurried outside to discover the devastation. Among the deceased were his mother, 62, and father, 75.

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“I’m at a loss for what to do. I am at a loss for words. I’m baffled by what transpired. My parents. “My father arrived from Gaza City with his friends who were displaced,” he said to news.

“They were all together, when suddenly they were all gone like dust.”

Jamil Abu Houri, near a different bomb site, claimed that Israel was using the increased airstrikes as a means of mocking a UN Security Council resolution from last week that called for an immediate truce between Israel and Hamas.

Secondly, he is afraid that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may launch a ground invasion on Rafah, even though Washington, Israel’s closest friend, has warned that such an operation would be disastrous for humanitarian reasons.

“They have threatened us with an incursion, the bombing has risen, and they claim they have permission to go into Rafah. “Where is the Security Council located?” stated Abu Houri.

More Death Airstrikes

According to Gaza health officials, four Palestinians, including a lady and a kid, were killed and others locals were injured in another Israeli bombing that occurred in Rafah on Wednesday afternoon.

Health officials reported that an airstrike on a residence in the northern part of the enclave, just west of Gaza City, claimed the lives of seven individuals.

According to the Israeli military, it is going after armed Hamas members who seek cover in residential complexes and medical facilities. Hamas disputes this.

In a related development, the Palestinian health ministry reported that during an overnight raid in Jenin, Israeli fire claimed the lives of three Palestinians and injured four others in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, where violence has escalated concurrently with the Gaza conflict.

According to the health ministry there, Israel’s air and military offensive into Hamas-run Gaza has resulted in at least 32,000 Palestinian deaths. Thousands of further deaths are thought to be buried under debris, and over 80% of the 2.3 million people living there have been displaced, many of whom are at risk of starvation.

After Hamas militants crossed the border on October 7 and tore through neighboring communities, killing 1,200 people and kidnapping 253 hostages, according to Israeli estimates, the conflict broke out.

Al-Amal and Nasser Hospitals, the two main hospitals in Khan Younis, were under an Israeli blockade that was put in place late last week by Israeli forces located just north of Rafah. They were still in operation in the north, where they had overrun the biggest hospital in the enclave, Al Shifa, more than a week earlier.

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