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Al-Khidmat Foundation Secures Coveted Turkish Award

Turkish President Alkhidmat Pakistan with “Supreme Sacrifice” title.

Another wonderful moment for Pakistanis as a social welfare Al-Khidmat foundation wins a prized Turkish award for its assistance to Turkiye earthquake victims.

After the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey earlier on February 6th, Alkhidmat Foundation assisted Turkish authorities with search, rescue, and humanitarian activities. The devastation brought forth by the natural disaster had a significant impact on both Syria and Turkey.

The search and rescue team, known as “Pak 10,” which was directed by Ikramul Haq Subhani, was made up of 47 devoted individuals who came to the aid of the Al-Khidmat Foundation. During the traumatic earthquake’s aftermath, the group toiled day and night for ten days.

The Turkish president thanked the foundation and the people of Pakistan for their steadfast support, according to media reports. Erdogan’s comments were met by a retort from Subhani, who emphasised the close ties between the two countries.

Dr. Hafeezur Rehman, president of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan, commended the group’s volunteers on receiving a prestigious honour and said that being recognised as a “Supreme Sacrifice of the Republic of Turkiye” honour is something Pakistan can be proud of.

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