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Biden Faces Criticism for ‘Embarrassing’ Moment at Arlington

Video shows President Biden disoriented at Tomb ceremony criticism.

President Biden laid a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington. In attendance were Vice President Kamala Harris, members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and a large number of civilians.

According to latest international news U.S. Army soldier handed the wreath to Biden, who stood in front of the tomb for a long time. He made an effort to move away, but he hesitated, staggered, and seemed unaware of his surroundings. Biden turned to a service member near the tomb to ask for guidance, and the man put him back in line beside the vice president for the rest of the ceremony.

Social media users have responded to the video, calling the circumstances “pathetic” and “embarrassing.” Some expressed unease about the incident during a solemn ceremony, while critics questioned the President’s suitability for the position.

Michael Brown, a talk radio host, wrote, “Time to head home. pathetic at a ceremony this serious. This is nothing to laugh at. Rather, we must acknowledge that the Commander-in-Chief cannot fulfill the role of the CnC. Please put an end to this chaos. Considering you, @FLOTUS. Love for him? Bring him inside.

A sarcastic comment was made by someone, “Our enemies must be shaking in their boots.”

“This is just so embarrassing,” stated Jake Schneider, the GOP’s director of rapid response.

One person posted on social media, saying, “Joe Biden wanders around like a doddering fool during a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.”

Similar criticism has been leveled at President Biden in the past, most notably following his June stumble on stage at the US Air Force Academy Graduation in Colorado. According to latest worldwide news despite these instances, Biden honored those who have contributed to the nation’s freedom and referred to American veterans as the “steel spine of this nation” in his Veterans Day speech at Arlington Cemetery.

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