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Korean YouTuber Daud Kim was Stopped from Building a Mosque

YouTuber Daud Kim halted to build a mosque after negative reactions.

Popular Korean neo-Muslim YouTuber and singer Daud Kim halted plans to build a mosque after negative reactions from local residents.

It was announced by Daud Kim to build a mosque on Yongjong Island in Incheon in South Korea, for which he also bought land for 136 thousand 500 dollars.

Kim had initially paid 20 million won and planned to pay the rest next month, according to news report.

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However, now, after the negative reaction of the local people against the construction of the mosque, both the parties have agreed to cancel the contract with the lessor and the owner of the land.

The owner of the land expressed ignorance of Kim’s intentions to build a mosque on the site.

In a post shared on his social media platforms, Kim wrote, “I have returned all the money received from people regarding the construction of the mosque.”

He wrote that I have never harassed, cheated or fought anyone, if any of these things are true then I should be punished.

Kim Daud wrote that after deciding to build a mosque in Korea, problems arose for me, do not be deceived by the lies of those who fear the spread of Islam in Korea.

He wrote that Allah knows everything, my intention is only for Allah, I will never give up building a mosque in Korea.

It should be noted that Daud Kim announced his conversion to Islam in September 2019. Daud Kim is also known as ‘Kim Kyun Woo’ and ‘Jay Kim’. Daud Kim has more than 5.52 million subscribers on YouTube and Instagram at 3.5 million followers.

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