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Dubai Plans to Host the Largest Ocean Restoration Project in the World

Someone has plans to construct yet another “world’s largest” structure in also benefits ocean conservation.

Dubai Reefs bills itself as the world’s largest ocean restoration initiative. If it happened, it would have a 77 square mile artificial reef that would house 100 million palm trees and more than one billion corals.

URB, a Dubai-based developer of sustainable cities, revealed plans for the project this week. Previous works include a sustainable city in Egypt and South Africa as well as a superhighway for indoor cycling in Dubai.

The project Dubai Reefs, shown in this design, wants to preserve underwater ecosystems while also serving as a tourist destination.

Along with the artificial reefs, URB has created floating homes, hotels, shops, and several eco-lodges, which it claims will draw tourists to the area.

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A marine institute that conducts ocean research and defends Dubai’s coastal environment would be the project’s focal point. Additionally, it would provide educational opportunities related to marine conservation.

According to URB, the facility will  entirely power with renewable energy sources, including solar, hydroelectric, and wave farms, and food will be produce on seaweed and oyster farms.

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The developer estimates that if building proceeds, the project will  finish in 2040, but it warns that it will be difficult to ensure that it can be funded totally privately and be accessible to people of all income levels.

“Dubai Reefs aims to become a blueprint for marine conservation, ecotourism, and ocean living,” added Bagherian. In the end, it will develop into a special, resilient location that offers food security and energy from the ocean while supporting a greener economy.

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