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Ducky Bhai Wife Aroob Jatoi Deepfake Video goes Viral on Social Media

Deepfake video viral of Ducky Bhai wife Aroob is still being shared.

Social media users are continuing sharing the deepfake video of YouTuber Ducky Bhai wife Aroob Jatoi, even after the couple called for it to cease.

On Sunday, Aroob was deceived by an AI-generated, immoral video that seemed to be intended to discredit her. The girl may be seen performing lewd behaviors while wearing underwear in the video.

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The couple clarified their situation in response to the phony video. On Instagram, Ducky Bhai and Aroob Jatoi posted a video message denouncing the individuals responsible for these kinds of actions.

Aroob Jatoi Deepfake Video
Aroob Jatoi Deepfake Video

In response, Ducky Bhai took immediate action and explained the creation of the deepfake video. Aroob Jatoi cautioned other women in an additional on-camera remark to be cautious and aware of cybercrimes.

The couple discussed the threats they had received in relation to the video, and Ducky declared he would pay a prize of one million rupees to anyone who could assist him in tracking down the maker of the deepfake film.

Views among fans on the subject are divided. Some have criticized Ducky Bhai for include his family in his content, saying it could lead to similar scenarios.

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