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First New Coal Mine Approved by the Australian Government

Australian govt, elected on a climate change platform, new coal mine.

According to a spokesman, when contemplating the Isaac River coal mine in Central Queensland, the government has constrained by national environmental legislation.

Under those laws, only one coal mining proposal has ever been rejected.

There have been numerous scientific warnings that any new fossil fuel projects are incompatible with long-term climate goals.

Over a five-year period, the Isaac River coal mine, which will construct close to Moranbah, will be able to generate about 2.5 million tonnes of coal.

Coking coal, also referred to as metallurgical coal and utilised in the production of steel, is going to extract from the mine.

Although a minor mine compared to others in the state, the Australia Institute estimates that over the course of its lifetime, it will produce around 7 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Environmental organisations had urged the government to forbid the new construction on the grounds that it would increase greenhouse gas emissions and harm the habitat of animals including the koala, the central greater glider, and the ornamental snake, all of which threaten or vulnerable.

However, the government claimed that no responses had made during the official consultation period when Environment Minister  intended decision was made public .


A spokesman for Ms. Plibersek said: “The Albanese government has to make decisions in accordance with the facts and the ­national environment law, that’s what happens on every project, and that’s what happened here,”

Before the construction formally approves, Bowen Coking Coal, the mine’s backers, will have a chance to comment on any proposed constraints.

Since it came to power in May 2022 after running on greater environmental action, Anthony Albanese’s Labour government has put into law a stronger emissions reduction target – of nearly forty percent by 2030 – and has secured the introduction of a carbon cap for the country’s major offenders.

But it is refusing to rule out new coal and gas projects.

And although it in February blocked a coal mine on environmental grounds for the first time in history, it did not consider climate in achieving so.

Any new petroleum-based projects, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Environmental Change (IPCC), are inconsistent with the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming to a degree of 1.5. It states that the infrastructure for fossil fuels must be urgently phases out.

The judgement, according to the environment spokeswoman for the Greens, showed the need for change.

Environmental regulations in Australia are obviously breaking. Polluting projects aren’t accounting for the pollution they produce, she claimed.

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