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For the First Time in America, a Murderer was Executed by Nitrogen Gas

In America, a murder convict has been executed by the nitrogen gas.

According to the Voice of America, the authorities of the state of Alabama have told the media that Kenneth Smith, convicted of murder, was executed by nitrogen gas yesterday in the prison of the state of Alabama. This is the first case of execution of sentence.

Officials said a mask was placed over the victim’s face that released nitrogen gas, which caused the victim to lose oxygen gas. Earlier in the state of Alabama, lethal injection was used to execute any criminal.

It should be noted that an American judge in a decision on January 10 of this year allowed the use of this new method of death penalty.

In the US states that have the death penalty law, the death penalty was still carried out by injection of poison, however, 3 states Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma have approved the execution by nitrogen gas.

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