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Gaza Updates: Bombing 2 Schools in Northern, 50 Palestinian Martyred

Gaza updates: Israeli aggression continue, 50 Palestinian martyred.

According to Gaza updates, Israeli planes targeted 2 schools in al-Darj area of northern Gaza, more than 50 Palestinian refugees were martyred in the attack while hundreds were injured.

According to the report, the Israeli army also bombarded Palestinian shelters, schools, commercial properties and residential buildings in Beit Lahiya, Khan Yunis, Shujaiya and Rafah.

The Zionist forces also destroyed the building of the Supreme Court of Gaza, and also targeted the hospital and the ambulance.

On the other hand, the attacks of the Israeli army have intensified in Gaza, more than 800 Palestinians were martyred in two days, so far the total number of martyrs in the Israeli bombardment has increased to 16 thousand.

The Israeli army has claimed to have hit hundreds of Hamas positions in 24 hours, Israel has cut the main fiber routes, landline, mobile and internet services in Gaza have been suspended once again.

Meanwhile, China has expressed concern over Israeli attacks on Gaza again after the cease-fire.

The spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said in his statement that the massacre of civilians and the wanton use of force will soon open a new front. The situation created in Gaza does not mark the problem.

Wang Wenbin said that efforts are being made to achieve major goals by not ending the ceasefire in Gaza.

In addition, Israeli soldiers participating in the Gaza war have started to suffer from intestinal diseases, which are susceptible to dangerous bacteria.

According to Israeli media, due to substandard food during the battle, many soldiers have been infected with Shigella, a deadly bacteria, and have been transferred to hospitals.

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