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Hacked Account Claims ‘Donald Trump is Dead’

Donald Trump Jr.’s X account hacked in NYC; numerous bogus posts sent.

There were multiple posts, but one of them erroneously predicted the demise of former US President Donald Trump. “I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away,” said the now-deleted post that announced Trump’s death. In 2024, I’ll be a candidate for president.

Donald Trump Jr.s hacked X account post about his father Donald Trump Sr.s death.

Another post, which was filled with profanity, was directed towards Joe Biden, the incumbent president. Another message stated, “This just in: North Korea is about to get smoked.” A further tweet claimed that he had “some interesting messages with Jeffrey Epstein,” more than four years after the sex offender passed away inexplicably in a Manhattan jail.

The compromised account also published a statement asserting the innocence of crypto celebrity Richard Heart, who is charged with stealing $12 million from investors.

The former First Son’s account was hacked, according to Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesperson Andrew Surabian, who made the claim shortly after the posts began to circulate. “FYI: It’s evident that this is untrue. Don’s account has been compromised, wrote Surabian. But he made no suggestions as to who might be responsible for this.

This news comes days after Donald Trump’s campaign announced that he will not take part in the second Republican presidential primary debate that would be held in California the following week. Trump will skip the debate in favor of speaking to a group of union employees. Instead, according to Reuters, citing an advisor, Trump would intercede in a disagreement between the American car industry’s largest union and the striking workers.

Electric Vehicle Policy

President Biden’s electric vehicle policy have come under fire from Donald Trump, who has pushed the auto industry to support him in the election. Last week, the United Auto Workers union went on strike in protest of salary and other perks against the three largest US automakers.

Trump will have missed a Republican primary debate for the second time this year. Despite his numerous legal issues, current polls show that Trump leads his closest competitor by roughly 50 percentage points. Trump had earlier opted out of the Wisconsin Republican primary debate last month.

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