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Hamas & Israel War: Babies’ Lives at Stake in Al-Shifa Hospital

Hamas and Israel War Al-Shifa Hospital Face Danger Amid Fuel Crisis.

A surgeon at the hospital told the media that people are trapped inside due to the continuous bombing by Hamas and Israel war, and that all essential supplies, including fuel, water and electricity, have run out.

Hamas disputes Israel’s accusations that it is using the hospital for military training.

There are contradicting reports from the Palestinian health ministry in the West Bank (39), and the Gazan health ministry (45), regarding the precise number of babies in the neo-natal unit who are at risk.

It is clear that many infants require care that is currently out of reach.

15 patients, including six newborns, have passed away at Al-Shifa in the last few days as a result of power outages and a lack of medical supplies, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah, which gets its data from the area under Hamas control.

Israel’s relentless barrage and blockade of Gaza occur amid the region’s severe impoverishment and overcrowding, a situation exacerbated by the fatal attack on its territory on October 7 by Hamas militants.

The director general of Gaza’s health ministry, Dr. Medhat Abbas, told CNN that Al-Shifa medical personnel performed C-sections on four infants after their mothers passed away, saving their lives. “They now have to survive without their moms and without power.

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