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Israel-Gaza War: WHO Trusts Gaza Ministry’s Death Toll Figures

The claim of over 11,000 deaths is unverified and may be exaggerated.

The World Health Organization has confirmed its belief that reports by the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is run by Hamas of the death toll in the Israel-Gaza war are accurate.

According to the ministry, since Israel launched airstrikes in retaliation for the Hamas attacks on October 7, which caused about 1,200 casualties in Israel, over 11,000 people have died in Gaza.

A WHO representative stressed in a recent media statement that the reporting from the Gaza Health Ministry is in line with the WHO’s global assessment process for health services.

“We trust the figures,” said Dr. Margaret Harris. “At this moment, the chaos and fatalities are so great that any figures we hear will only be a trend.”

Harris described the situation in the region as “horrifying” and reiterated the WHO’s demand for a ceasefire and ongoing humanitarian access to Gaza.

At a press conference, Biden stated, “I’m sure innocents have been killed, and that’s a price of waging a war.” “However, I don’t trust the number the Palestinians are using.” The U.S. State Department has cited the data from the Palestinian health ministry both publicly and internally, most recently in March. The President provided no additional support for his skepticism of this data.

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