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Turkey Offers 1,306 Job Opportunities for Pakistanis, Int’l Employment

Bureau list job opportunity in Turkey for Pakistanis on its platform.

Pakistanis nationals now have access to 1,306 job opportunities in Turkey, which also promotes foreign employment. Through this project, Turkey and Pakistan are collaborating to promote bilateral ties and facilitate cross-border employment.

People’s exploration of these varied career opportunities is indicative of a larger trend of international collaboration and interaction in the field of labor mobility.

Turkiye presently has 1,306 open positions in a variety of industries, including skilled labor and housekeeping.

Up to ten maid cleaners are needed in the nation for the position, with compensation of up to US$500, or Rs140,945 in Indian rupees, per information provided by the Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) that is employing candidates.

Benefits from the employment include free transportation, free lodging, free meals, free tickets, and free medical and health insurance.

Furthermore, Turkiye’s main city of Istanbul requires a total of 25 manufacturing workers. The workers will receive US$500 (about Rs. 140,945) in compensation in addition to free lodging, food, tickets, health insurance, and medical care.

There is a need for heavy truck drivers in the nation as well; an OEP has listed 15 opportunities with salaries up to US$600 (169,134).

They will also be eligible for privileges including free transportation, free lodging, free food, free tickets, and free medical and health insurance.

Male kitchen helpers, car painters, construction workers, auto electricians, and male receptionists are among the other occupations that are open in the nation.

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