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Indian TV Channel Recently Introduced its AI News Anchor

Odisha Television unveils its first AI news anchor, Lisa, in a bid.

“Meet Lisa (AI news anchor), OTV and Odisha’s first news this is certainly AI set to revolutionize television Broadcasting & Journalism,” OTV tweeted.

The channel further disclosed: “OTV’s AI anchor Lisa gets the power to talk in numerous languages. She’ll seamlessly present development in Odia apart from English for OTV as well as its electronic systems.”

A very-lifelike Lisa launched herself in proficient English when you look at the video clip shared by the Indian broadcaster.

She more said that her launch was a moment this is certainly”historic and unveiled that she’d be hosting news changes later on.

Moreover, OTV added that educating Lisa in Odia was a task that is big were nevertheless working on.

The task to communicate effortlessly with other people:

They stated they hoped to train the AI News presenter up to a known degree where she could communicate effortlessly with other people.

“Efforts tend to be underway in order to make Lisa much more proficient in Odia in the times which can be coming. You can find and follow Lisa on most of the prominent news being personal like Instagram, Twitter, and others,” they stated.

Within the program that is very first, Soundarya launched herself by saying, “Hello, everybody. AI is leaving its impact on almost every business and contains entered the TV development industry too.

“some of my colleagues (AI development presenters) began news that is showing a number of the channels in north India.

I’m Soundarya, south Asia’s very first anchor that is robotic Power TV,” Hindustan Occasions reported her saying in her very first program.

Early in the day, an Indian media team, Asia Today Group, established its very first development which is AI, Sana.

Sana ended up being described as “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless who talks languages which are multiple and can invariably be controlled”.

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