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Introduced AI Copy of Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone

AI copy of Famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has been introduced.

Indian AI technology company Kamoto has introduced an AI copy of a robot in the shape of famous actress Sunny Leone.

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Which has also introduced copies of business and social media personalities including several sports personalities.

Indian actress Sunny Leone has become the first Bollywood personality to be introduced with an Artificial Intelligence.

Indian actress Sunny Leone has released a regular video about this and said that she too cannot believe seeing a fake copy of Artificial Intelligence

Although Sunny official replica resembles the like actress in appearance, her voice sounds a little different, which makes it obvious that she is not real.

But remember that nobody will be able to distinguish between them and an AI-powered robotic chatbot.

The Indian business has also created an official AI chatbot for Sunny Leone.

where anyone can contact him at any moment, wherever in the world, about any subject, and Sunny Leone’s copy will respond to him right away.

This significant achievement demonstrated Kamoto. AI dedication to developing AI capabilities and gave users a cutting-edge platform to design, develop, and market custom AI characters.

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