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Israeli Police Arrest Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Sister

Israel arrest Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh sister Sabah Abdel Salam.

Sabah Abdel Salam, sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, was arrest by Israel on Tuesday on accusations of terrorism in the southern region of the country.

Sabah Abdel Salam, an Israeli national aged 57, is the head of Hamas’ political office.

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A spokesman for the Israeli police stated that several documents and luggage seized Sabah Abdel Salam’s residence proved her involvement in attacks against Israel.

The young grandson and granddaughter of Ismail Haniyeh have also perished as a result of Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza.

Israel Police and the Shin Bet jointly released a statement claiming that their units, along with additional border guards, conducted a security operation known as “Early Dawn” in which they apprehended a relative of the Hamas commander.

Sabah Abdel Salam was detained on suspicion of communicating with Hamas leaders and encouraging “terror attacks” in Israel, according to the joint statement. They stated that they had discovered evidence of her involvement in risky security activities against Israel in her residence, including cash, gold bars, cell phones, and documents.

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