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Israel Attack on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, 100 Palestinian Martyred

Israel attack in Al-Shifa Hospital, 100 Palestinian martyred in 1 day.

As a result of Israel barbaric attack on Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, more than 100 more Palestinians were martyred in 1 day, the total number of martyrs has reached more than 31 thousand 880.

According to the details, Israel has besieged Al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza for the last 4 days. The number of Palestinians injured in the ongoing attacks since October 7 last year is in the thousands, while thousands of people are buried under the rubble of the destroyed buildings.

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The life hopes of the people buried under the debris started to die. The international media says that more than 100 Palestinians were martyred in the last 24 hours as a result of Israeli bombing. The Zionist government has issued a new order for hospitals in East Jerusalem.

The Netanyahu government ordered the transfer of 25 Palestinian patients to Gaza. The Israeli Supreme Court has currently stopped the evacuation of patients from hospitals on the appeal of doctors. Health workers and journalists were treated inhumanely by the Israeli government.

In its report, the private TV news says with reference to the American TV CNN that detained journalists and health workers were stripped naked and blindfolded and unarmed people were also subjected to torture.

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