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Kaaba Gets new Kiswa with 120kg of Gold, Silver Threads

Grand Mosque staff replaced Holy Kaaba’s kiswa, a sacred tradition.

Videos that have been posted online demonstrate how employees removed the previous Kaaba Kiswa and then placed the new one.

Officials from the Grand Mosque oversaw the yearly procedure of replacing the Kiswa as Muslims rang in the new Islamic year 1445.

The Kaaba’s golden rings must be removed in order to change the kiswa, which must then be covered in its new covering before the old one is taken off.

The 56 pieces of Kiswa, which were manufactured using 120 kilogrammes of gold thread and 100 kilogrammes of silver, were created by more than a hundred expert craftspeople.

Every year, the ancient Kiswah is taken out and divided into small pieces, which are then given to different people and organisations all around the world.

According to some historians, the Kiswa was originally employed when Yemeni King Tubba ordered the Jurhum tribe’s chiefs to maintain their purgatory and create a door and key for it in the fourth century, and since then, it has become a distinctive feature of the Holy Kaaba.

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