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King Charles Selects Pakistani Dr. Zareen Roohi As Special Adviser

Pakistani-born Dr. Zareen Roohi named advisor to “King Charles” III.

According to the information obtained, this is the first time in history that a Pakistani woman Zareen Roohi descent has been selected for the coveted position.

According to sources, Roohi will hold a post equivalent to an assistant secretary.

The new adviser to the King of the United Kingdom is reportedly a specialist in domestic and foreign issues who will advise the oldest king ever to be crowned in British history on official subjects.

In accordance with his new aim of incorporating all communities in UK politics, the septuagenarian King chose a woman of Asian descent.

Dr. Zareen will collaborate with Nathan Ross at the Private Secretary’s office, which serves as the King’s main source of political and constitutional counsel.

According to reports, King’s new advisor is a highly skilled and seasoned individual with experience in a variety of industries, including diplomacy, education, and health.

Due to her doctorate in diversity, Zareen has a strong academic background.

She has held executive positions with illustrious companies like the British Asian Trust in the past, and she continues to belong to organizations like the Commonwealth Education Trust and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Dr. Zareen was honored with various prizes for her contributions.

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