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Famous German Bodybuilder Jo Lindner Dies At 30

German fitness influencer Jo Lindner, Joesthetics, dies at 30, July 1.

His girlfriend posted a confirmation of the Jo Lindner famed bodybuilder’s passing on Instagram. She stated in her post that an aneurysm was what killed him.

She also disclosed that Jo Lindner had been complaining about neck aches for the previous three days.

On Instagram, Joesthetics had around 9 million followers and a sizable fan base. He used to upload images and videos of his meals, workouts, and training sessions.

His partner Nicha shared a few romantic moments between them and commented, “Jo is the nicest spot, everyone. He went dead from an aneurysm yesterday.

He put on the necklace he crafted for me while I was present in the room with him. Then we were just cuddling while we waited to meet Noel at the gym at 16.00.

He was in my arms; it was all happening so quickly. Three days ago, he continued complaining of neck aches, but we didn’t fully realize it. till it’s too late,” a portion of her lengthy post stated.

Jo Lindner was also lauded by Nicha, who described him as a good, courageous, and hardworking man. I was unable to write much during this time.

Trust me, this man is more than you could ever imagine. He is incredibly lovely, kind, strong, and HARD WORKING. He is also devoted to his family and is genuinely intelligent.

Additionally, he has faith in EVERYONE. He carefully considers what to publish and gives each comment a lot of consideration, and every day after posting, he just replies to every comment in his room.

He works extremely hard to inspire his fans, even when he doesn’t feel particularly inspired. however, he is unable to REST OR GIVE UP.

On June 30, Lindner published his final Instagram message. He disclosed that he has experienced certain health problems as a result of his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

When I lost my gains, I went without anything for a year, but I was unable to raise my test levels, so I got back on TRT.

Be advised that while I tried to stop, the consequences may have a long-term impact on your life,” he added.

He continued, “Remember that final pic. Trt is a major commitment. Show several size disparities, such as swole and non swole chests, all-around slimming, and even a lower waist.

To be clear, the comparison is a full pump on the right and no pump on the left. If not, it’s even worse, hehe.

Additionally, my stomach has grown larger as a result of a new hernia there following hernia surgery.

Overall this article should illustrate that even as a natural u can look wonderful and y just need to get in shape !!”

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