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Kuwait to Terminate Hundreds of Foreign Jobs

Kuwait Interior Ministry fires 800+ expats, mostly from Arab nations.

Kuwait has given expatriates, whose jobs terminated, a one-month grace period to finalize employment-related matters.

Although the ministry did not clearly state the reasons for the mass job cuts, many believe that the move aligns with Kuwait’s ongoing policy.

The initiative aims to replace foreign workers with Kuwaiti nationals in various sectors of the country by prioritizing employment opportunities for nationals.

Foreign teachers dismissed

This latest announcement reflects the same pattern in the country’s education system.

At the end of the last academic year, Kuwait’s Ministry of Education dismissed nearly 1,800 foreign teachers, despite a shortage of teaching staff within the country.

Kuwait decided in August to impose new travel restrictions on foreigners and require them to pay off more debts in full before leaving the country.

Under the new plans, the country may require migrants living in it to pay electricity and water bills before allowing them to travel internationally.

Last week, it was reported that Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior introduced new rules that would require expatriates living in the country to clear traffic fines and violations before they can leave the country for any reason. The ministry asked foreigners to abide by the rules to maintain public order and security.

Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah has directed departments to work together to ensure that foreigners pay off their debts before they leave the country for any reason, the media reported, citing unnamed sources. do

The update comes as Kuwait seeks to recover a significant amount of outstanding payments.

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