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Woman Wearing an Arabic Calligraphy Dress was Harassed in Lahore

Woman was allegedly harassed for the blasphemy in Lahore, Pakistan.

A woman in the Pakistani city of Lahore was allegedly harassed in a blasphemy for wearing a shirt with a print of Arabic calligraphy.

In Pakistan, incidents of violence against a person on the charge of blasphemy or blasphemy by an angry mob are not new.

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On Sunday, a similar incident took place in Lahore, Punjab, when a woman was accused of blasphemy by an angry mob while shopping at Achhra Bazaar for the design of her dress. The mob alleged that Quranic verses were written on the print of the woman’s dress.

In this situation, the timely action of Bano Naqvi, a woman police officer of Punjab Police, ASP Gulberg, not only saved the situation from worsening, but also made it possible to remove the woman from the angry crowd.

While later it was confirmed by the local scholars that there is no Quranic verse written on the print on the woman’s shirt.

What was the real matter?

A few words were written in Arabic characters on the dress design of a woman who was shopping with her husband at Achhra Bazaar in Lahore on Sunday afternoon, which an angry mob accused the woman of allegedly using. Wearing a dress with a print of Quranic verses is blasphemy.

After which a large number of people started gathering in Achhra Bazar and the angry mob started harassing the woman and her husband.

When the situation worsened, the woman informed the Lahore Police for help, on which ASP Gulbarg Syeda Shahrbanu Naqvi immediately reached the spot and prevented the situation from worsening with the help of local religious scholars not only with the angry crowd. Understanding the matter, he controlled their religious feelings and also managed to get the said woman out of their midst safely.

Soon after the incident, several videos and photos of the woman among the angry crowd started circulating on social media.

In one such video, the woman can be seen sitting with her husband in a small restaurant while a man in the crowd accuses her of alleged blasphemy and the woman hides her face in distress. are

While the video of female police officer ASP Shehrbanu Naqvi speaking to the angry crowd is also circulating on social media, in which she is seen assuring the crowd that if the woman commits blasphemy.

If done, they will take legal action against them. Along with this, they can also be seen safely pulling out a woman in a niqab and burqa from the crowd in the market.

It should be noted that no police FIR has been registered in this incident so far and the matter has been resolved through talks on the part of both the parties.

First Priority was Protection of Woman

“The first priority was the protection of the woman, if she had not shouted and persuaded, the situation would have been different.”

ASP Shehrbanu Naqvi, the brave woman police officer who rescued the woman from Achhra Bazar from the angry mob, told reporters about the incident, saying, ‘We were called between 1 and 1:30 p.m. Received a close call. This was the first indication that something was wrong. In the call, it was told that a woman has blasphemed in the market, Quranic verses are written on her kurta and people are gathered.

ASP Shehrbanu Naqvi further said that this news spread quickly in the area and the crowd started gathering within five to ten minutes. The situation worsened as we could not reach the location easily. We had to walk 400 to 600 meters to reach this area.

“By the time we reached there, around 200-300 people had gathered outside the restaurant,” she says.

He says that till then no one actually knew what was written on the shirt. In such a situation, the most important task was to try to get this woman out of the area to ensure her safety.

ASP Shehrbanu Naqvi said that we had to talk to them (the crowd). We asked the crowd to let the said woman go (with us) and assured that if she is found guilty of the crime, action will be taken according to law.”

As she bravely gets the woman out of the crowd to safety, she says that if I hadn’t shouted at the time to convince the crowd that we would do something about it, things would have been worse. It was a time when everything went in our favor, thank God.

Confirmation Video by Scholars

But it was not enough for ASP Shehrbanu Naqvi to safely evacuate the woman from the angry mob as there have been several incidents in the past when the police managed to rescue a person from the mob but later people stormed the police station. Daya and the life of the accused was threatened.

Therefore, after this incident went viral on social media, a video of ASP Gulbarg Shahrabano Naqvi also appeared on social media, in which she explained the details of the incident and said that a woman accompanied her husband in Achhra Bazar today. went shopping and he was wearing a kirta with some Arabic letters written on it, after which the people there assumed that these were some religious words and the matter gave rise to a misunderstanding.’

In the same video statement, the said woman and some local religious scholars were also present with him. One of the religious scholars said in his statement, “We have seen the letters printed on the shirt and they are Arabic letters but they were common words. The daughter has said that she will not wear such a dress after They have been forgiven.’

Woman Statement

After that, the said woman also said in this video statement that ‘I went to Achhra Bazaar for shopping and I didn’t think the kirta I was wearing was a design, I didn’t know that there were words written on it which people call Arabic. You will understand, I had no such intention, whatever happened happened in ignorance, I am a Muslim and can never think of blasphemy or blasphemy. All this happened in ignorance, I still apologize and it will not happen again.

For bravely removing a woman from the angry crowd due to a misunderstanding, the Punjab Police has also recommended giving official honors and media to female ASP Syeda Shahrabano Naqvi.

What was written on the woman’s dress?

What was written on the woman's dress?

Social media users have shared various screenshots of the dress worn by the woman who was harassed by the angry crowd on the charge of blasphemy, saying that it is a brand of women’s clothing in Saudi Arabia called Shalik Riaz. Where such designs of clothes with Arabic alphabets are common.

In various videos and photos being shared, the dress the woman was wearing had the word Halwa printed in Arabic letters on it.

Halwa means beautiful, beautiful and sweet in Arabic language.

“Apologizing to a woman is unjustified, harassers should apologize”

After the videos of the angry mob, the female police officer and the woman’s apology came to light, some users on social media are talking about securing the identity of the woman and ensuring the safety of her life and property.

A few women are commenting on the bravery of the police officer for safely evacuating the woman in front of the angry mob and understanding the matter.

"Apologizing to a woman is unjustified, harassers should apologize"

Commenting on the social media platform X, anchor Rabia Anam wrote that ‘The lady police officer is well done for solving the case wisely, now the state should protect the girl who was repeatedly intimidated and harassed. , put the perpetrators in so that no one can do it again.’

Apologizing to a woman is unjustified, harassers should apologize

Journalist Raza Rumi wrote that this female police officer is a star. They did exactly what the state should do when citizens are harassed and attacked for alleged blasphemy.”

He further wrote that “Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, their daily misuse, violent mobs and state-sponsored extremist groups have pushed the country to this insanity.”

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