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Meta Launched Its AI Model ‘Llama 2’

Meta artificial intelligence Llama 2 challenges ChatGPT, Google Bard.

Microsoft worked with Meta to launch the next iteration of their open-source large language model.  The Llama 2 has a special characteristic in that it will be free for research and commercial use.

“We’re opening access to Llama 2 with the support of a broad set of companies and people across tech, academia, and policy who also believe in an open innovation approach to today’s AI technologies,” Meta wrote in its official blog.

For the pre-trained model and conversational fine-tuned versions, we’re also including model weights and starting code.

We’re increasing our efforts in generative AI and moving our cooperation to the next level with Microsoft as our preferred partner for Llama, Satya Nadella revealed on stage at Microsoft Inspire.

Llama 2 is now accessible in the Azure AI model catalog, allowing developers to use it with their cloud-native tools for content filtering and security features while utilizing Microsoft Azure.

Additionally, it is designed to run locally on Windows, providing developers with a fluid workflow as they offer generative AI experiences to users across several platforms.

Hugging Face, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other service providers all offer Llama.

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