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Michigan State University: 3 Killed & Many People Injured

Shooting at Michigan State University injure several; shooter at large

Shots were fired Monday night, according to campus police at Michigan State University, and staff and students were told to take cover.

Later, according to the police, the suspect appeared to be alone and walking on foot. He was described as “a short person wearing a black mask.”

According to a tweet from MSU campus police, “there are several reported injuries,” and the injured were being transferred to surrounding hospitals.

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, was informed about the gunshot and stated that police were attempting to secure the area.

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Let’s embrace the Spartan community tonight, she posted on Twitter, using the school’s athletic mascot as a reference.

As part of a wider wave of gun violence in the United States, where the number of firearms on the market has increased recently, school and university shootings are an alarmingly frequent occurrence.

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Police said in a press conference that there were several crime scenes and investigations are ongoing. The motive of the attacker is not known.

Several ambulances were seen arriving at the scene, and the injured, some of whom are said to be in critical condition, are now being treated in a hospital.

“We’re really living a nightmare tonight,” said Chris Roseman, deputy chief of the university’s police force.

All activities on campus are canceled for at least fourty eight hours. East Lansing is located approximately 70 miles (112 km) north of Detroit.


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