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Mobs Attacked Foreign Muslim Students Offering Prayers in India

Mobs attacked foreign Muslim students in Gujarat University campus.

On the campus of Gujarat University on Saturday, a mobs attacked Muslim overseas students. The Wire said on Sunday that the group allegedly objected to them performing namaz in the hostel.

Reportedly, on Saturday night, a gang that was against foreign students doing namaz at the hostel on the Gujarat University campus attacked them. SVP Hospital in Ahmedabad has taken a few injured peoples.

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Ahmedabad Police Commissioner G.S. Malik told The Hindu that there are over 300 international students enrolled at Gujarat University from countries including Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and other places.

Approximately seventy-five foreign students who live in Block A were praying at their hostel last night at 10:30 p.m.

“About twenty to twenty-five people showed up at the hostel grounds and protested that the foreign students should pray in a mosque. A fight broke out, resulting in assault and stone-throwing.

The police commissioner reassured that everything was under control despite this. Twenty to twenty-five individuals had a FIR filed against them; they should be arrested shortly.

Vibes of India claims that the mob incited violence by chanting “Jai Shri Ram.”

Videos on social media featuring stone-throwing and vandalism have gone viral. A few videos included vandalized rooms and damaged equipment, such as laptops and motorcycles.

The portal stated that in some of the clips, people can be seen verbally abusing the international students and throwing stones at the hostel. The students show anxiety and condemnation of the scenario.

The students reportedly congregated in a hostel intended for international students to conduct namaz during the month of Ramadan because there isn’t a mosque on campus. After that, the throng broke into their rooms and damaged their possessions.

Gujarat University Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Neerja Arun Gupta, however, characterized the violence as a “clash” between two factions. She mentioned that the administration and police were taking the situation very seriously.

The Ministry of External Affairs attested to its knowledge of the circumstances and its correspondence with the state administration.

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