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“NED University Admission Students Must with 55% Marks”

NED University will admission students passed 55% marks in year 2024.

NED University has announced significant changes to its entrance requirements, allowing candidates with 55% marks to seek for admission. This decision is in response to the recent low performance of intermediate students, aiming to provide greater opportunities for aspiring students to pursue higher education.

Previously, individuals seeking admission to NED University needed to obtain at least 60% in their intermediate exams.

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Recognizing the problems that students encounter and the necessity to accommodate a larger pool of applicants, the university administration has altered its policy to decrease the eligibility level.

The NED University management confirmed the decision to alter the admission rules, citing the need to adapt to changing conditions and maintain inclusion in the application process.

The new policy will allow a wider spectrum of students to apply for admission, boosting access to quality education at NED University.

According to university authorities, the altered admission policy will be adopted following syndicate approval, and an official notification is expected soon.

The administration has also stated that admissions for the 2024 academic year will begin on March 24, with an entrance exam slated for May.

This decision by NED University demonstrates a commitment to meeting students changing needs and upholding academic standards while also promoting a more open and accessible educational environment.

By broadening admission standards, the institution hopes to attract a diverse pool of brilliant students and offer them with chances for academic and personal development.

kids and parents alike have applauded the decision, seeing it as a significant step toward promoting higher education for a wider range of kids.

NED University’s updated admission policy reinforces its commitment to excellence and diversity in higher education, ensuring that aspiring students can achieve their academic goals while also actively contributing to society.

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