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Oscar-Winning Actor Will Smith Inspired by Holy Quran

Will Smith revealed that he read Holy Quran and was inspired by it.

The famous Hollywood actor Will Smith, who will win the Oscar for Best Actor in 2022, has revealed that he reads the Holy Quran letter by letter in the month of Ramadan and is inspired by it.

In a recent podcast interview with Egyptian journalist Amr Adeeb on the Big Time Podcast, Will Smith talked about how the Holy Quran has influenced his life, he also revealed that he is deeply interested in the Quran and its spiritual implications.

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Will Smith said that last two years he was going through difficult situations, he was trying to find himself and he read all holy books including Holy Quran in Ramadan this year.

Will Smith said that ‘how the 3 holy books the Quran, the Torah and the Bible are connected to each other, I was surprised that all three are like the same story, Abraham as the father of the prophets and Ishmael as his descendant. And Isaac (peace be upon him) came, it was very beautiful to understand the whole picture of this chain of prophethood.

“This is the phase of my life where I am looking for spirituality,” said the actor.

He further said that ‘I am surprised at how often Hazrat Musa is mentioned in the Qur’an. Through the Qur’an, I have found Moses and his stories close to me. I am deeply moved by the story of Hazrat Musa and his experience. What?’

Smith said that ‘I like simplicity, last year I read the Quran letter by letter, the Quran is very clear and transparent like a mirror, reading it removes all misunderstandings.’

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