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Pakistan Aims to Vaccinate 44 Million Children Against Polio in 2023

ARY: Pakistan anti-polio campaigns aim to immune 44 million children.

The federal government has set a timeline for the campaign for polio that will last until 2023.

Six campaigns will be carried out across the country to banish the polio virus by 2023, with the first one set to begin in January.
The remaining immunization campaigns will take place in March, May, July, October, and December.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries where polio has not been eradicated. To formally obliterate the disease, a country must be polio-free for three years in a row. In August 2020, Nigeria was declared free of wild polio.

Polio virus was discovered in sewage from Bannu’s Muslimabad Sokarai area. According to sources, type 1 wild poliovirus has been found in environmental samples in Bannu.

The NPL has detected the Polio virus in Bannu samples for the 11th time this year. Bannu sewage samples were collected last month for polio testing.

Poliovirus was also found in 27 climatic samples this year, according to sources.

As per references:

They also stated that poliovirus has been confirmed 10 times in Punjab this year. According to sources, the virus of the crippling disease was discovered in 24 samples in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one sewage sample each in Sindh and Islamabad.


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