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Pakistani Student Death Sentence for Sharing Blasphemous Content

Student sentence to death for sharing Blasphemous content on WhatsApp.

A lower court in Punjab, the most populous area in Pakistan, executed a student for sharing blasphemous content via WhatsApp chats.

Two individuals, ages 22 and 17, were charged by federal investigators with spreading blasphemous content about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) using instant messaging services.

An additional sessions court heard a complaint under the stringent blasphemy statute, found the two guilty, and sentenced them to death.

The defense team contended that the two were caught up in a contrived case, despite the FIA’s allegations that the accused individuals shared many images and videos in WhatsApp groups.

After a case was filed in the provincial capital of Lahore, the Lahore High Court sent it to a municipal court in Gujranwala so that it might be tried there.

The plaintiff asserted that multiple cell phone numbers sent her the profane content. The FBI reported to the court that it had discovered pornographic content had been sent from the plaintiff’s phone during its inspection.

In Pakistan’s traditional society, blasphemy is a delicate subject that carries a death sentence. Those who denigrate Islam are subject to the death penalty under the law.

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