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Tech Company Cognition Launched World’s first AI Software Engineer

Tech company Cognition has launched world first AI software engineer.

New York, Cognition, a globally renowned tech company, has launched the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) software engineer.

According to a foreign news agency, apart from writing, Devon can also develop websites and softwares in addition to coding from a single prompt.

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Cognition said the goal of developing this AI software engineer is not to replace humans, but to help them improve performance.

This AI software engineer has successfully landed interviews with several major artificial intelligence companies. He answered many complex questions related to software engineer with great skill.

The tech company said in an X-post that Dion works in the light of the instructions it receives.

Devon has done a lot of work so far, it does a lot of engineering related things, it is worth noting that this artificial intelligence software engineer can also think and plan in any case.

It can make thousands of decisions by learning from its mistakes, its performance improves over time thanks to its ability to learn from mistakes.

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