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QR Code Drone Show Lights Up Shanghai Sky

Shanghai QR Code Drone Show sets to the breakthrough marketing goal.

While the importance of drones and QR codes is not evident globally, China has given importance to both technologies through this QR Code Drone Show in Shanghai sky.

With drones and QR codes pioneering the way of the future of marketing and advertising campaigns, you shouldn’t miss out on the valuable opportunities that QR code technology can offer you.

If you haven’t started your QR code marketing yet, you can start making a dynamic QR code online now using the QRTIGER code generator to get the most out of your QR marketing campaigns.

China leads the world in marketing experience when it comes to wowing audiences with groundbreaking, worthwhile PR stunts.

From moving, cinematic, soulful ad campaigns to artificial intelligence-driven marketing campaigns, China has it all.

To make things even more exciting, they’re reinventing the way they use LED lights and drones to promote their products.

With drones capturing breathtaking cinematic footage from a bird’s-eye view, gaming company Cygames, and video-sharing platform Bilibili leveraged this powerful technology to create Blade Runner for players of their game Princess Connect Re: Dive.

The movie-like experience of the founding of the drone anniversary special program QR code drone show ended.

While it creates a Blade Runner-like movie experience for players, some say it’s like one of the fight scenes in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man, Mysterio uses a fleet of drones to create an illusion that makes people feel surprised.

With QR codes re-entering the marketing spotlight, companies are successfully incorporating the use of QR code campaigns into their marketing routines.

Since the introduction of QR codes in 1994, many complex processes have been redefined and simplified. Thanks to the ability to redefine complex tasks, small and large brands create QR code-driven marketing campaigns.

In addition to the ability to simplify tasks, it is also possible to create and scan QR codes from mobile devices.

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