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Sheikh Ismail, who Served Free Tea in Medina, Passed Away

Sheikh Ismail, who spent 40 years serving free tea in Medina, Died.

Sheikh Ismail, who spent forty years serving free tea and coffee to pilgrims in Medina, has passed away.

Ismail, who was 96 years old, had lived in Madinah for fifty years, originally from Hama, Syria. Every pilgrim who came to Madinah received a free cup of hot tea or coffee from Sheikh Ismail.

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Sometimes these great elderly pilgrims from Syria also offered traditional sweets of their native region to Medina. He is also gave free perfume and dates to the pilgrims on a daily basis.

He lived in Madinah for 50 years and offered free tea, coffee and dates to every visiting pilgrim. Sheikh Ismail sometimes offered pilgrims traditional sweets from his native region.

He was 96 years old, he was known as “the host of the Prophet’s guests” due to his humanitarian service.

He has said in many interviews that he is doing human service for the pleasure of Allah without any financial compensation.

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