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Snapchat AI Unassisted Story Post: Hacked or Glitch?

Many Snapchat users expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘AI chatbot’.

This week, Snapchat users were startled to see that their My AI avatar had published a Snapchat story post of its own. When prompted, the chatbot stopped replying to messages, leading many users to speculate that the AI had been compromised.

What was the story?;

Users were perplexed by the tale of a brief video of what appeared to be a wall, and some even found the image to be “unsettling.”

The AI didn’t respond

When Snapchat AI stopped responding to their messages, users became more alarmed and assumed that the service had been compromised.

Hack of Snapchat’s AI was it really?

Reports that on August 15, AI was not compromised. The business acknowledged that it was a brief problem.

Snapchat representative allegedly said: “My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved.” Despite Snapchat’s denial of a breach, several users decided to delete the My AI feature from their accounts as a result of the event.

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