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The increase in the number of immigrants in Canada

This year, Canada ban asylum seekers from entering US after detaining.

International media sources say that instead of seeing a decrease in the number of immigrants after the US entry ban agreement, Canada has seen an increase.

According to the country’s migration organizations, many migrants are now arriving by plane, while others cross the border and remain in hiding until they fear and seek asylum.

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According to Reuters, the figures show how difficult it is for nations to close their doors to refugees. Hundreds of migrants were forced to sleep on the streets in Toronto, Canada this summer.

According to Shawna Liebman, associate professor and acting director of the human rights program at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, the bottom line is that closing the border does not solve the problems faced by refugees. Rather, it simply fuels resentment.

It should be noted that while Canada welcomes immigrants and plans to house 500,000 new permanent residents by 2025 to address the country’s acute labor shortage, on the other hand, it has signed an agreement with the United States. has signed which prohibits Canada from deporting people who attempt to deport them.

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