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Thousands of People Homeless after Volcano Erupted in Indonesia

12k residents were left homeless after a volcano erupted in Indonesia.

Hundreds of residents of the Indonesia island of Tagulandang have been evacuated after the Ruang volcano erupted on Wednesday. Clouds of gray smoke continued to rise from the volcano.

A volcano in Indonesia erupted on Tuesday, spewing lava, with authorities raising the alert level to the highest possible level and warning of possible pyroclastic flows, deadly ash plumes and the possibility of a tsunami.

Mount Ruang, located in the Sangya Islands arc in North Sulawesi province, has been increasingly active in recent weeks.

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The eruption also caused power outages on the neighboring island of Tagolandang.

According to officials, the closure of the Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado disrupted air travel in the area. According to officials, the airport will remain closed until noon Thursday (0800 GMT).

Officials from the Manado Search and Rescue Agency are evacuating 109 Tagolandang residents to Mante Port, while hundreds are still awaiting evacuation at Mananga Port, the National Search and Rescue Agency said in a statement on Wednesday.
National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Abdul Mehri said 12,000 residents living within a 7-kilometer radius of the volcano had to be evacuated.

He continued by saying that the National Search and Rescue Agency, the Indonesian Navy and the police were using ferries to evacuate civilians.

Emergency Response

In a statement, he said, “We will ensure that they are allowed to leave evacuation shelters and return home during the extended emergency response period of up to 14 days, or until conditions are fully normalized.” will not be given.

Indonesia is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region where several tectonic plates meet and there is a lot of seismic activity.

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