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Tips for Android Users to Delete 28 Dangerous Apps

The Tips Android users to delete 28 dangerous apps from Google Play.

Cyber security experts have suggested Android users to delete 28 dangerous apps on Google Play. The Human Story Threat Intelligence team has discovered 28 apps disguised as free VPNs. Any of these apps, when downloaded to an Android phone, uses the device as a secret proxy.

Proxies are used by hackers to pass Internet traffic through devices in homes to hide their suspicious activities.

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Users who have installed either of these apps will have their internet bandwidth hijacked by hackers without their knowledge.

  1. Lite VPN
  2. Anims Keyboard
  3. Blaze Stride
  4. Byte Blade VPN
  5. Android 12 Launcher (by CaptainDroid)
  6. Android 13 Launcher (by CaptainDroid)
  7. Android 14 Launcher (by CaptainDroid)
  8. CaptainDroid Feeds
  9. Free Old Classic Movies (by CaptainDroid)
  10. Phone Comparison (by CaptainDroid)
  11. Fast Fly VPN
  12. Fast Fox VPN
  13. Fast Line VPN
  14. Funny Char Ging Animation
  15. Limo Edges
  16. Oko VPN
  17. Phone App Launcher
  18. Quick Flow VPN
  19. Sample VPN
  20. Secure Thunder
  21. Shine Secure
  22. Speed Surf
  23. Swift Shield VPN
  24. Turbo Track VPN
  25. Turbo Tunnel VPN
  26. Yellow Flash VPN
  27. VPN Ultra
  28. Run VPN

If you inadvertently installed one of these applications, it’s recommended to remove it promptly.

Next, you should log into your router and modify the password used for accessing your router settings.

Following that, it’s advisable to update the wireless network password to a distinctive one that is not readily guessable.

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