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US Announced $10 Million Reward to Informer on Hacker Group

US govt announced $10 million reward for information on hacker group.

The United States has announced a $10 million reward for information about the hacker group known as the “Black Cat” technology company.

According to foreign news agencies, the US State Department offered a reward for information about the ransomware group known as “Black Cat“.

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A hacker group (ransomware group) hacked the United Health Technology Unit of America and disrupted insurance payments across the country.

United Health said last week that it had begun to address a backlog of more than $14 billion in medical claims caused by the cyber attack in late February and early March. But interrupted.

UnitedHealthcare’s technology unit plays a key role in the payment process from insurance companies to medical companies, and in some cases the disruption caused by a cyber attack forces patients and doctors to pay for medical services.

The cyber attack severely impacted community health centers serving more than 30 million poor and uninsured patients.

The hackers claimed earlier this month that the company had paid a $22 million ransom in an effort to restore its systems, but did not say whether the company had restored services after receiving the money. .

The hacker put a fake statement on his website that the authorities were able to control his activities.

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