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Tomorrow, Pakistan Day will be celebrated with enthusiasm

The nation is going to celebrate Pakistan Day tomorrow with enthusiasm.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Day will be celebrated on Saturday with the determination to ensure the development, prosperity and strong defense of the nation.

The day is being observed to commemorate the historic Lahore Resolution passed in 1940, which gave the Muslims of the subcontinent an opportunity to demand their own country.

31 gun salutes will be fired in the federal capital and 21 gun salutes in the capitals of the provinces.

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After the Fajr prayer, there will be special prayers for the development and prosperity of the country in the mosques.

The national flag will be hoisted on important government buildings.

The highlight of the day will be a grand military parade in Islamabad, where fighter jets will perform aerial exercises as troops of all three armed forces and other security personnel march past.

Another feature of the parade is the march of numerous floats representing different aspects of the cultures of the several provinces.

On the request of the Pakistani Army, a contingent of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will participate in the Pakistan Day Parade.

For those who don’t know, Chinese forces previously participated in the event in 2017. Additionally, foreign military forces, including those from Riyadh, have also participated in the parade in the past.

Traffic plan

The City Traffic Police (CTP) has issued a traffic plan for the Pakistan Day Parade.

According to the traffic plan, heavy traffic will not be allowed to enter Rawalpindi city. In particular, heavy traffic from Abbottabad will be stopped at Barian, heavy traffic from Murree will be stopped at 17 Mile and heavy traffic from Muzaffarabad to Murree and Islamabad at Lower Topa. will be stopped.

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According to the plan, heavy traffic from Peshawar will be stopped at Attock Bridge, Haro Bridge, Margalla, Taxila and Chongi No. 26 by the National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) and traffic coming from Lahore will be stopped at GT. The road will be closed at Jhelum Bridge and Mandira Toll Plaza.

Traffic from Rawat T Chowk will now go to Rawalpindi instead of Islamabad. As per the traffic plan, one SP/STO, ten DSPs, twenty one inspectors, one hundred and one traffic wardens and traffic assistants have been assigned tasks for the Pakistan Day parade and full dress rehearsal.

Faizabad will be closed to all traffic during the procession, to improve overall security measures and provide a clear passage for the parade participants.

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