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Turkey Expanding Trilateral Relations with Pakistan & Azerbaijan

Turkey expanding trilateral relations with Pakistan & Azerbaijan

Turkish president prais ties, expand trilateral cooperation Pakistan.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan had a joint press conference in Istanbul where they both said that they had “exchanged views on major regional and international problems on our common agenda” in addition to their bilateral collaboration.

He said that Pakistan and Turkey have numerous successful cooperative cooperation initiatives aimed at promoting peace and stability in South Asia.

He noted that the amount of commerce between the two nations has surpassed $1 billion and is still growing. We have the political will and tenacity necessary to hit our $5 billion trade volume goal.

The Turkish president also addressed the Afghan issue, stating that, “beyond our humanitarian obligation for our Afghan brothers, building peace and stability in Afghanistan is crucial in terms of mutual challenges and hazards.”

To “remove the impacts of the humanitarian situation faced by the Afghan people,” he added, they would keep cooperating.

Erdogan also emphasized Pakistan and Turkey’s friendship and collaboration, and he reaffirmed Ankara’s support for Islamabad’s anti-terrorist initiatives.

He remarked, “We have always considered Pakistan’s suffering as our suffering, its happiness as our happiness, and its success as our success.

Pakistan asks Turkey to participate in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Sharif suggested expanding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Friday, asking Turkey to participate in the multibillion-dollar project.

China and Pakistan are great allies, and we are witnessing and reaping the advantages of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is part of (Chinese) President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative” (Jinping).

“I would urge that this be a collaboration between China, Pakistan, and Turkey,” Sharif said during the news conference, describing it as a “great collaborative partnership.”

Sharif further stated that such collaboration among the three countries “would bring wealth and growth to the whole region.” “This will aid in reducing unemployment and poverty. The Pakistani prime minister added, “This would encourage education and this is how we can genuinely face the difficulties of today.

Speaking with his “Chinese pals,” Sharif declared, will make him “extremely pleased.” He continued, “I believe this would be a tremendous chance to really capitalize if we can proceed in this route.

The second-largest economy in the world can now access the warm waters of the Arabian Sea through the Gwadar Port in the southwestern Balochistan province thanks to China’s approximately $28 billion investment in various energy and infrastructure projects in the South Asian nation under the CPEC since 2014.

Sharif sent his condolences to Turkey for the deadly terrorist attack that occurred in Istanbul on November 13. In reference to the terror incident on Istiklal Avenue, which left six people dead and 81 injured, Sharif added, “Our heart goes out” to the victims.


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