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UAE Sets New Condition for Travellers

UAE Sets New Condition for Travellers

UAE restrict entry for tourists with single name on passport, warning.

The UAE’s immigration authorities allegedly implemented a new requirement for travelers. Passengers having a single name on their passports won’t be allowed clearance at UAE airports under the new condition.

It has been ruled that passport holders must include their father’s or husband’s name along with their first and sir names. The airlines must now offer tickets to passengers with complete names, per a directive from the UAE government.

The UAE government has amended the name requirements for admittance into the Emirates, according to a private airline called SereneAir.

According to the updated guidelines, any passport bearer with a single name either their given name or their surname would not be recognized by UAE Immigration and will be regarded as an ineligible traveler.

The updated policy will take effect on November 28, 2022.

Additionally, another private airline, air blue, stated, “Guests traveling on visit visas must have valid return tickets, following the most recent UAE NAIC notification. Visitors with return tickets from any other airline and visitors with visit visas will need clearance from NAIC in advance at the time of check-in.

“All visitors with return tickets from other airlines are requested to report for check-in 4 hours prior to departure to prevent disruption since API clearance takes time.

However, guests with an air blue return ticket on one PNR may be granted early permission. API authorization is required for any travel, the airline said.


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