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Why Afghan Government Orders to Close Beauty Parlours?

Afghan Taliban mandates market beauty salons & women’s shops closure.

According to reports, the Afghan government has also ordered the closure of women’s shops in Mazar-i-market Sharif’s and has stated that women will be prohibited from working in malls.

The Taliban’s Vice and Virtue Agents in Baghlan had told landowners and dealers to stop renting out space to women’s hair salons and to close those businesses.

The Afghan government

The Afghan government has ordered the shops to close because men and women work together. Women are also barred from pursuing higher education or working in non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan.

Previously, the Taliban ordered all local and international non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan to stop employing women.

According to Afghan media

The Taliban government’s Ministry of Higher Education has ordered the suspension of female students at private and public universities in Afghanistan.

According to Afghanistan’s Minister of Higher Education, the education of girls in secular universities violates Islamic law and is contrary to Islamic traditions.


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