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World Day Against Child Labour being Observed Today

International Day Against Child Labour observed in Pak and worldwide.

According to the specifics, the goal of observing World Day Against Child Labour each year is to rescue young children from the horrors of the workplace, lead them to a place of education, and raise public awareness to help turn people into contributing members of society.

Associations fighting for children’s rights, educational institutions, the media, women’s organisations, and social organisations will host seminars, presentations, walks, and events today in honour of International Day.

Experts will discuss the problem brought on by child labour in seminars, debates, and presentations, just as they do in other nations, and give public awareness.

The International Day against Child Labour was established by the International Organisation in 2002, and since then, the United Nations has observed the holiday. Every year, a different topic is used to honour International Day.

A reasonable estimate states that 16 million kids worldwide, including those in Pakistan, are forced to work in hazardous settings because of personal circumstances, financial hardships, or other issues. These victims, including boys and girls, range in age from 5 to 15 years old.

Alarmingly, a large number of kids come from low-income households where they lack access to food and education. It endangers their life when children are made to perform dangerous tasks while going without food or even starving.

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