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Zara Angers Netizens by Portraying Gaza Destruction in New Campaign

Zara face PR crisis over ZARA ATELIER, collection The Jacket campaign.

The Zara campaign use of contentious imagery that alludes to delicate subjects has caused a tremendous uproar.

According to Zara, the campaign’s main theme, “The Jacket,” is an exercise in focused design with the goal of showcasing the garment’s versatility. The promotional images, however, have come under fire for using eerie imagery, such as what appear to be bodies wrapped in white body bags that are reminiscent of the traditional burial garments used by Muslims. In addition, there are rocks, debris, and a cardboard cutout that looks like a map of Palestine in the campaign.

An overwhelming number of people have responded negatively to the provocative imagery, particularly those who were formerly devoted brand supporters.

Commenters were shocked, dismayed, and furious at what they saw as an obvious attempt to capitalize on politically touchy subjects for commercial gain.

“I was astounded to see this. Permanent boycott. Demons, you disgust me. I’m in shock at what I’m seeing,” a social media user posted.

One more said, “Do you really believe that 20,000 people die every year and that it is acceptable for you to exploit their passing for commercial gain? Saying “you didn’t mean to” is just repulsive.

“This is horrifying! What a pity! On the basis of the genocide taking place in Gaza, you have created a campaign. Deaths of innocent people! A person on social media added.

Boycott Calls and Their Effect:

Many have taken to calling for a boycott of Zara as a result of the controversy; the store was not previously connected to any support for the Israeli occupation.

Hashtags encouraging people to reevaluate their brand loyalty have overtaken social media platforms, potentially harming Zara’s reputation in the long run.

Zara has not yet responded to the controversy publicly or made a statement.

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