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17% Increase in Cyber Attacks in Pakistan

In year 2023,17% increase in cyber attacks was seen within Pakistan.

Global cyber security company Kaspersky has revealed that the year 2023 saw a 17% increase in cyber attacks within Pakistan as the company thwarted 16 million cyber attacks on Pakistan throughout the year.

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During the 9th Cyber Security Conference organized by Kaspersky in the federal capital Islamabad, the increasing cyber attacks and security in the country were discussed.

Kaspersky’s telemetry showed a 17 percent increase in the number of cyber threats in the country overall in 2023 compared to 2022, according to a company release.

It was also reported that the company prevented 1.6 million cyber attacks in Pakistan in 2023.

The company warned that 24.4% of consumers in Pakistan were affected by online threats, while attacks using banking malware in the country increased by 59%.

According to the company, such attacks were designed to collect online banking data and other sensitive information from infected machines.

Experts at the conference in Islamabad also reported a 35 percent increase in Trojan attacks, which disguise themselves as legitimate computer programs but are used by cybercriminals to run malicious code.

In addition, ransomware attacks designed to encrypt a victim’s data, files or systems increased by 24 percent in Pakistan.

In addition, the researchers reported a 36 percent increase in attacks using spyware, which is malicious software that enters a user’s computer, collects data from the device and the user, and allows third parties to access them Sent without consent.

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