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British American Kickboxer Andrew Tate Converted to Islam

British American Kickboxer Andrew Tate Converted to Islam

British-American kickboxer and influencer, Andrew Tate accepted Islam.

Born in Chicago and was raised in Luton, the previous kickboxer previously described Islam as ‘the last true religion in the world’ and he has now confirmed after a video of him praying in a mosque went viral he is Muslim himself, Now Andrew Tate Converted to Islam.

Tate, a‘success that is self-proclaimed, made the announcement on one of his remaining social media accounts called Gettr. “This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the battle that is true evil must transform. So show patience, indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH Quran 30:60,” read his note.

Why did he record pray?

“Andrew may have said no, he knows this could hurt their already situation that is controversial social networking, but he did it himself. By God, it was a visit that is special the mosque. Only he and it was desired by me personally. We planned it days ago, but he reminded me personally to get,” Khan said today.

We did this to make certain that people could understand genuine side of him, and this ended up being his first time in the mosque, and what a method to start his journey, as we continued Saturday night towards the mosque to pray, and I spoke at length in regards to the Qur’an, hadiths and those things of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and misconceptions about Islam, and so on.“ I am happy”

Religious and Praying

He noticed that what they did was a means to motivate children that are young to feel ashamed of being religious and praying. “We agreed it was for impact or a fake following that it shouldn’t be shown on a podcast or any such thing else, because people would claim. No one is perfect, but thank God he has a heart that is great pure intentions,” Khan said

Concluding, Khan called on his followers to allow Tate to announce the news headlines the way in which he desires, pointing out that changing the lifestyle is not a quick thing, but accepting the truth and believing as he described it that it is necessary, because the next day is never guaranteed in full

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