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Deadly Gas Explosion in China Kills 2, Injures 26

A massive gas explosion at a restaurant in Sanhe, China on Wednesday.

At least two people have died and 26 more have been injured in a huge gas explosion that occurred on Wednesday at a restaurant in Sanhe, China.

As reported by AFP, state media CCTV said that a gas leak in a fried chicken restaurant was the cause of the explosion. The hospital has received the injured parties.

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“An explosion occurred at the ground floor restaurant in an old residential area,” according to surveillance footage, and “the current situation of casualties is unknown” .

Less than 50 kilometers east of Beijing, the capital, the explosion happened just before eight in the morning.

Three buildings sustained significant damage and one building was completely destroyed, according to local news reports.

Emergency vehicles and workers were promptly deployed to the scene by the Langfang fire department, as reported by CCTV.

The Langfang fire department announced, “The fire is currently under effective control, and rescue work is being carried out urgently.”

An eyewitness said she heard a huge blast and saw the commotion when she emerged from her shop. She said the structure was on fire and that “the whole building was virtually destroyed”. Gas leaks have been the cause of many fatal accidents in China recently.

In the eastern city of Nanjing, a residential building caught fire last month, resulting in at least 15 fatalities and 44 injuries. Numerous people lost their lives in January when a store in the central city of Xinyu caught fire.

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