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Google Introduced $75M Grant Course “AI Essentials”

Google has introduced Google AI Essentials, a self-paced the course.

Google recently unveiled Google AI Essentials, a self-paced course meant to assist individuals in various positions and industries in acquiring AI capabilities to increase productivity. Everyone can enroll in the course, which doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge or experience.

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Google has established a $75 million AI Opportunity Fund to teach over 1 million Americans essential AI skills to provide equitable access to AI training. The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and Goodwill Industries International will be the fund’s initial beneficiaries.

Users who take the AI Essentials course learn how to use AI technologies to create content and ideas, make wise judgments, and expedite routine processes.

Users will receive practical AI experience and instruction from Google’s AI specialists. After finishing, students will receive a certificate from Google that they can give to their professional contacts.

The platform is working with organizations, educational institutions, and employers to help people learn useful skills through artificial intelligence. Several institutions, including Stanford Digital Education, Citigroup, and Miami Dade College, have already committed to incorporating AI Essentials into their staff development and learning initiatives.

This program expands on the platform’s efforts to support local communities’ access to digital skills training, such as their Google Career Certificates, which have graduated over 600,000 people worldwide. It follows the newly released Generative AI for Educators course.

Google wants to make sure that anyone can pick up AI skills with ease. Please visit Grow. google/ai to enroll in AI Essentials or to learn more.

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